Coecles Harbor

Shelter Island has long been a destination for sailors. The island has an active yacht club and there are several busy boatyards and public anchorages around the island.

The home has a private beach on Coecles Harbor which is one of the most protected harbors in the northeast and is stunningly beautiful. Expensive private homes line the southern shores of Little Ram and Big Ram Islands. To the south, the shoreline is part of the Mashomack Nature Preserve and it is undeveloped, save for a handful of homes, such as ours.

There is wonderful sailing as well as incredible kayaking along the shoreline and into the various creeks where you can see a great variety of wetland wildlife including ospreys diving for fish, terns, piping plover, blue heron, egrets and many mammals including deer and fox.

Included are several kayaks and a rowboat. For a nominal additional charge a sunfish sailboat can be made available. Upon request, we can place a mooring line on the home’s private mooring where a sail or motorboat with draft as deep as 6 feet can be moored. The beach is perfect for swimming and the house has two hot water outdoor showers.